How Do I sell the game to Gamezstore?

Visit www.gamezstore.in , search for the game title which you want to sell. Select the desired game click on sell now and the check the selling price and proceed.

How and when will I get the payment for my sell order?

While placing Sell order the users will be requested for Bank Details or UPI ID. Once the pickup is done and the game is delivered to Gamezstore it will be verified and the payment will be processed within 24 hrs from delivery.

Can I place multiple Sell orders?

Yes, the users can place multiple sell order.

How to pack if there are multiple sell orders?

If there is more than 1 sell orders the users can pack all games in single package, if user don’t have packing materials they can pack accordingly and inform us how many shipments is required.

What happens if the game which I sell didn’t work?

Once the game is delivered and it will be checked. If the game doesn’t get installed (or) doesn’t start (or) shows error it will informed to the users and will be sent back.

How can I ship the game?

There are 2 options available, customer can choose pickup by Gamezstore or you can self-ship

What is Pickup by Gamezstore?

If the customer chooses pickup by Gamezstore, you will be requested to provide us the pickup date and we will arrange for the pickup. You just have to pack the game as per our guidelines and keep it ready.

What is Self-Shipment and what to do user decide to Self-ship?

The customer can send the ship the game by themselves, once the shipment is done customer are requested to send below details to [email protected] in below format
Sell Order ID:
Courier Company:
Tracking No:

The customer will get Rs. 50.00 as shipping refund for a single sell order and if there are 2 (or) more sell orders Rs. 100.00 will be refunded.

What is the return Policy?

All games carry a 2-day return policy from the date of delivery. If there are any issue found mail the issues in detail to [email protected] . After verification of claim a refund (or) replacement (if available in stock) will be provided as per user’s request.