About Us

Scribbles Of A Gaming Enthusiast...

Video Games, Playstations, Xbox - there cannot be a single soul on earth that wouldn't love them! Video Games have always been a fascination for children and adults alike; and I've been no exception to this. Like any other child, I too loved video games and spent hours playing (includes several sleepless nights). Scoring low in games scared me more than scoring low in exams.

Whenever I played my favorite game, I would feel like I were transported to a different world altogether. I'm a grown man now, but the fascination I have for gaming hasn't stopped. It's a great stress-buster. It alleviates work stress greatly - I believe.

I've been buying games right from my childhood. Only recently did I notice that I am the proud owner of some of the finest games for consoles (both Playstation and Xbox). At some point of time, I felt a strong urge to pass on the games that I have - to fellow gamers. I started looking for sites where I could trade my games.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find a proper channel for it in India, unlike the US or UK. Hence, I decided to start a website of my own, to enable game enthusiasts like me to trade their used games.

Through this website, I hope to act as a strong liaison between buyers and sellers. I wish to give users a hassle free experience. Feedback, compliants and suggestions are equally welcome! If you have any queries, drop me an email right away! Happieee Gaming!!!!