How To Sell

  1. List the game to be sold. (If the game title not available mail the title to [email protected])
  2. Goto -> My Profile -> My Listed Games
  3. List of games that you have posted for sale will appear
  4. Click on the view all bids -> Approve/Reject.
  5. List of bids will appear, Select the bid of your choice
  6. You can also chat with buyer with the Message option
  7. Once you approve the buyer will be intimated to make the payment
  8. Once the payment is made by the buyer you will be intimated ship the game.
  9. Goto -> My Profile-> My Listed Games -> View all bids -> Pick up address.
  10. Select Date & Time or Self Pick
  11. Give your bank details
  12. Once the courier is delivered your amount will be credited to your account in 1-2 working days
  1. Check whether Trade In option availbe for the title
  2. If available select the pick up time and date
  3. Our courier service will pick up at the set date
  4. Once the courier is delivered to us payment will be credited to your account within 1-2 working days. Click this link to see packing guidelines