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PlayStation 4 Pro Gets Price Drop in India

Sony has dropped the price for its PlayStation 4 Pro console from Rs.38,710 to Rs.36,990. To ensure that the new price cut gains an uptick in sales, a copy of Death Stranding will also be bundled along with it. As reported on The Mako Reactor, retail sources have confirmed that this price cut will come into effect immediately. Sony centres, independent game stores and online retailers will be pushing for the bundle with the new price cut within the next few days. Sony, it seems, is attempting to avoid PS4 hardware sales figures dropping ahead of the looming PlayStation 5 launch. Just recently we reported a permanent price drop for PlayStation Plus subscriptions beginning May 2020. Now retailing at Rs.36,990, this marks the PlayStation 4 Pro at its lowest price point since launch back in 2017. Source: IGN

Now both Sony and Microsoft has revealed their specs, which one do you think looks more powerful?

Sony's Playstation 5
Microsoft's Xbox Series X
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